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Leading you to
loyal B2B customers:


  •  200 offers sent in 2 years
  •  € 1.2 Million Pipeline
  •  € 360k+ Revenue closed
  •  Industry: Industry agnostic
  •  Headquarters: Berlin
  •  Target Group: Marketing | Communication | Department Heads across all disciplines

Leading you to
qualified talents:

rosenberger | data

  •  40+ SQLs in 18 months
  •  € 400k+ offers sent
  •  € 100k+ Revenue closed
  •  Industry: Industry agnostic, SME focused
  •  Headquarters: Bielefeld
  •  Target Group: CEO | Commercial Director | CFO

Leading you to
committed investors:


  •  30+ MQLs in 1 month
  •  € 100k+ Pipeline built
  •  € 20k Revenue closed
  • Industry: Physical (Offline) Sectors like Hospitality, Restaurants and Retail
  •  Headquarters: Tel Aviv | Frankfurt
  •  Zielgruppe: CEOs | Marketing


We start by analyzing your business (your USP, your industry, your market) and identifying the kind of contacts your business needs to grow.


We create highly targeted lead lists and account lists, using massive databases and smart filters. We reach the whole world. We regularly adjust and extend the lists, to give you a sustainable traffic of leads from the different kinds of audiences you might needs in different moments.


We craft custom messages to reach out to your audiences and initiate goal-oriented business conversations. Our content design is based on Big Data, psycholinguistic research, and our field experience –we don't guess what works: either we know it or we test it. 


We activate multiple digital channels to connect you with the leads that are most interested in your offer. To make sure your value network grows sustainably, we set up A/B testing protocols so that, over time, the more your traffic grows, the more value it drives, and at a lower cost per lead.


We schedule appointments for you and your team with the most interested leads, directly on your calendar. This way, your only responsibility is to show up and close deals.


We leverage your growing network of leads by running nurture campaigns campaigns – Inviting them to your events, sharing your news, pertinent content, inquiring their challenges, etc.


We run ads (Facebook & Goole) and we set up an automatized system (eKomi) for your business to collect customer feedback, process it, and showcase it online, so as to make your reputation visible.


We give you access to real-time analytics and regular reporting, so that you can monitor the performance of your Smart Lead Pipeline, keep track of the growth of your value network, and find the market knowledge you need to guide the scaling of your business.
Stephan Schmidbauer
Dr. Martín Azar
Daniel Ambros
Head of Sales
Dr. Thomas Franke
VIP Account Manager
Nadin Ayoub
Marketing Manager
Keziah Ngama
Business Operations Coordinator
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In only 30min. you will receive an assessment of your scaling potential,
discover the lead generation pipeline that best fits your business model, and get a price.

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