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Your time is better spent looking at the bigger picture, not mining for sales, or micromanaging a sales department. All you want is more results at a lower cost. With Leadgeni, you'll get the attention you deserve and the capital you need. Our Data Analytics will help you produce more. And our highly efficient Lead Management Process will reduce your costs. Therefore, your ROI will improve.


You are under pressure to produce m2m better results. This task depends highly on your management of SDRs. With Leadgeni, your SDRs get leads of higher quality through our identification and natural pre-qualification method. Besides, they close more if they can dedicate their time to hot leads instead of pipe building.


Since the online world becomes more and more flooded, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and keep up the level of lead quality and quantity. Therefore, you try to reduce redundant, manual work to focus more on new and more important things. With Leadgeni, we automate the outreach and handle the entire process for you with a Fully Managed Service Model. Besides, we take over your A/B testing and enable it to excel, because while you start from scratch, we start with the know-how of millions of messages and hundreds of growth hackers that have joined us.


You want to find the right people as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the market of job platforms is crazily fragmented and high-quality candidates don’t apply through job portals anymore. They want to be found and use their own networks when considering new roles. Luckily, LinkedIn is one of these channels. With Leadgeni, you get a pre-qualified pipeline of 300 candidates in your geography. They will be actively approached. On average 100 connect and want to know more. 50 will respond and 10-15 will end up in your interview process. The chance you hire one of them is >90%.


You want a full pipeline to avoid overhead in Sales. Besides, you long for more plannable numbers to obtain more control in your KPI planning, which is what will convince investors in your fundraising talks. With Leadgeni, you will not only get more stable numbers. You will also get many pre-qualified investors lined up to talk. You will have more time to find the right investor instead of just picking people that can’t add real value to your growth.


You are good at what you do, but you’re a “One-Man-Show.” You don't have enough time to brand yourself while continuously building a pipeline of new prospects. And in the end, all you need is a handful of high-quality leads, because 1-5 big deals a month will do more than pay the bills. With Leadgeni, LinkedIn becomes your Branding & Landing Page, Pitch Deck, and Marketing department, all at once. We will optimize your profile, make you shine as an industry expert and influencer, and attract new businesses for long-term consulting & coaching partnerships.


As a VC or incubator, you do everything possible to make your ventures successful and enable hyper growth. On the one hand, you want control; on the other, you don’t want to micromanage. With Leadgeni, you can support your entire portfolio to hire fast, win new customers quickly, keep these KPIs stable. And you’ll do it at a low cost, despite the high fluctuation and internal rearrangements that startup teams face day by day.
Relieve frustrations related to ineffective SDRs
LinkedIn lead generation and outreach based on a scientific approach and proven methodology

1. Business Model Discussion

We will carefully analyze the market, identity, mission, and goals of your organization. We will screen all your marketing material and accumulate all your know-how about your target group with the help of a 40-step questionnaire, developed specifically for LinkedIn. On that basis, we will hold our first campaign strategy session.

2. Lead Identification

A conversion-optimized lead list is crafted for you with the help of more than 20 different search filters, combining Job Title, Function, Company Headcount, Company Type, Keywords, Geography, Industry, Seniority, and more.

3. Content Creation

Most companies forget the nature of LinkedIn. It was built for P2P networking, not for Sales pitches. If you want to pitch anyways, you need to do it in a charming way and find a smooth transition from “Let’s chat” to “My company can help you”. LeadGENI knows how to identify the content strategies with the highest probability of success, based on your business model and your target groups. Our know-how is derived from our experience with +300 clients since 2017 and data analytics based on millions of messages sent.

4. Technical Execution

We will setup G-Drive collaboration documents; exclude customers and/or competitors; make technical adjustments in your LinkedIn account; setup all Automation steps; take care of measures to enable Account Security (so as not to be banned by LinkedIn), e.g. individual AWS Workspace with unique IP-Address.

5. Connect Message

We help you connect with high quality leads through personalized Invites instead of spammy InMail. Our invites are based on Psycholinguistics and are pervaded by Big Data. In combination with Profile Optimization and Priority Targeting (we go for leads with shared connections first), your connection rate will increase dramatically.

6. Pitch Message

The pitches we develop are effective and actionable. Since leads have already chosen to connect with you, they are primed to receive further messages. LeadGENI creates customized soft pitches that push the emotional and psychological buttons of those you connect with, furthering their trust in your deliverables.

7. Reminder Message

7-10 days after the first two messages, we will send a kind reminder to all the leads that have not responded yet. This will drive responses if you do it the right way. We will show that it’s beneficial for both parties if the lead clarifies his/her responsibilities and current level of interest

8. Lead Qualification

Only mining hot leads that show interest today is compelling (because there are so many of them), but stupid and lavish at the same time. 70% of your new, relevant connections will not respond to your first three messages. You see: there is massive upside potential. LeadGENI allows you to lay the base for future nurturing with these leads. This is due to the fact that the way our messages are built makes them trigger responses that can be distributed to 8 recurring statuses: Schedule Meeting; Just Call Me; Will Get Back; Referral; Future (3+ months); Want Info; Has Questions; No Interest.

9. Appointment Setting

At the end of the day, you want a Call, Web-Demo, Meeting, or other kinds of direct communication. We help you get it with as many leads as possible, as quickly as possible. The success formula for follow-ups:
Consistency + the right Timing + the perfect Frequency (more is not better!)
We will help you with actionable templates to make it happen.

10. Pipeline Management

More than 70% of your time commitment starts just when a lead has shown interest. It requires you to follow up, send information, book appointments, conduct demos, etc. It’s a long way from interest to closing. Therefore, efficient lead management is most important. If your reps waste time, they won’t enjoy it. No fun, no follow-ups, no deals! Therefore, LeadGENI helps you connect the dots by adding CRM & Calendar Integrations, a lead management Dashboard, Lead Data Export functions to CSV/XLSX formats, Email Notifications when leads respond, and more.

11. Strategy Consulting

We consult you all along the way. We have partnerships with other LinkedIn services and tool providers and can build a comprehensive long-term strategy for and with you. Again: LinkedIn is a massive database that can be used for so much more than just sending messages within the channel itself. But primarily, we will build a one-year Marketing plan with you. In it, we will specify how we can boost & leverage - all your Sales & Marketing - activities & resources - through & within LinkedIn.

12. Re-Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great channel to promote Events & Content. But not by using LinkedIn Ads or public posts, because then you just talk to the mass. Instead, LeadGENI will help you to address individuals with automated, personal re-engagement follow-ups. If you embed event invitations or valuable and relevant content in private direct messages, you will see a +70% open rate. If you do this 2-3 times a year, you can be sure your leads will remember you when your offer becomes relevant.

13. Cross-Channel-Campaigns

Why limit your re-engagement actions to LinkedIn? LeadGENI will help you to leverage the whole network you’ve built on LinkedIn for re-engagement through other online marketing channels, like Email (GDPR compliant), Customer Match Google AdWords campaigns or Custom Audience Facebook Ads.
LinkedIn is the most accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive and global database for business contacts in any industry and field.
Exploit this opportunity for Capital Generation, Sales, Staffing & More!
Join The Rush
LinkedIn is an untapped mine for business. It is a global digital business card with direct access to decision-makers. Definitely an untapped goldmine with over 500 million users, 250 million of which are active monthly.
InMail vs. LeadGENI
Traditional Email and InMail outreach are redundant. It is ineffective and boring. Prospects do not engage as they used to. That's where Leadgeni changes the game. With LinkedIn activity at record highs, our personalized methodology increases outreach conversion rates across the board. Your messages will convert 50% better than classic InMail messages.
Brand & Reputation
It's time to become an influencer.  LinkedIn is now becoming for business what Instagram is for leisure. If you build now a network of 30.000 meaningful connections, you have the most powerful channel ever to reengage with your target group.  People are addicted to checking their inboxes, job updates of their network contacts, and trending publications. Build a reputation and take advantage of your industry expertise.
Stephan Schmidbauer
Founder & COO
Prior to Leadgeni, Stephan worked as COO along with serial entrepreneur Michael Brehm’s health care venture Payers Insights building a social network for Healthcare Executives.
His Sales expertise was enriched by positions at Daimler in China and ETF Securities in London. He holds degrees from both UAS Regensburg & Oxford Brookes University and deepened his technical acumen and growth-hacking skills by the completion of the world’s #1 Coding Bootcamp Le Wagon.

He was announced as 1 of only 100 Kairos fellows in 2019. Kairos is the most renowned network of young tech entrepreneurs around the globe.
Dr. Martín Azar
Head of Communication & Customer Success
Martín is a five language speaking (ES, EN, FR, IT, DE) communication genius. He obtained his PhD in Cognitive & Data Linguistics from the Free University of Berlin and Stanford University (research stay) in 2019. He authored the book Reading Minds, in which he explores the ways in which our minds and brains work when processing language –namely, how different words and rhetorical feats affect our interpretations, judgments, emotions, and behavior.

He is now applying the insights of psycholinguistics to improve communication strategies for LeadGENI clients: revealing people’s opinions through linguistic data, turning complex information into appealing stories for targeted audiences, and ultimately moving people with words.
Lena Grobbel
VIP Service Manager
Daniel Ambros
Head of Sales
Litani Wessel
Chief of Staff

The Journey

  • Onboarding Email: You will receive an explanation of our process of collaboration and campaign creation.
  • ​Client Input: You and your team will be requested to answer a series of questions that are fundamental for us to understand your business model and campaign goals.
  • Business Model Discussion (Call).
  • Campaign Crafting: We create your lead lists and make mailing template suggestions.
  • Fine-Tuning Call: We discuss the prepared suggestions and embed your feedback.
  • Kick-Off: Campaigns go live.
  • ​Lead Management: We share best practices with you and introduce our Dashboard. We train your team in individual sessions if necessary.
  • 2-Week Review Call + Adjustments: We review your results, quality of responses and make suggestions for improvements.
  • 1st-Month Review Call + Adjustments: We have enough data now to cross-compare with all our other clients. These insights will help us to interpret results.
  • ​2nd-Month Review Call + Adjustments: We will analyze all current responses in detail, show you our long-term vision for a partnership and draw a marketing plan for how your business should use LinkedIn as a channel.
  • ​3rd-Month End of Trial Review Call: We talk about the contract extension.
Which results can I expect?
  • Leadgeni boldly promises to invite 1.000 leads per month
  • ​A 20-30% Connect Rate on LinkedIn per monthly subscription
  • 25 immediate demos secured (leads that want to speak within 4 weeks)
  • 25 mid-term pipeline leads (leads that want to speak within 3-6 months)
  • ​25 long-term pipeline leads (leads that want to speak in 7-12 months)
Do-It-Yourself Plan vs. VIP Service
Our clients can choose between two different plans. Leadgeni will always take care of the following (included in both plans):

1. Technical Execution

2. Strategic Consulting: What we think you should do on LinkedIn (promote events; spread content etc.)

3. Content and Lead List Creation

The results will be displayed on a dashboard. In the base service that we call “Do-It-Yourself-Plan”, you will take over a lead as soon as the lead responds to you. Since many leads will show interest, but won’t confirm a demo or meeting immediately, you still have at least half the way ahead, because it will demand multiple follow-ups until the demo is booked (with email, phone number, date and time) in your calendar. If you think that this is too much work for you, you can outsource this part of the lead management to us. We will then allocate a dedicated LeadGENI VIP Service Manager to you who will handle all incoming requests with the help of standard templates built for this process.
Which LinkedIn profile will be used
for the outreach?
You have to select the profile of one of your employees. Native names (for your target market), female profiles and Executives tend to show much higher conversion rates. An active network of +500 existing connections is also in favor of results. Fake profiles are identified and banned by LinkedIn quite quickly. Company profiles are not suitable.
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