High Quality Lead Generation 
from a  
Scientific Approach

Watch the Training Video: Grow your business with high quality leads. Establish meaningful business connections that significantly improve ROI related to lead generation. Includes case studies of tech entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs & blockchain investors.
LEADGENI WORKS because it needed to. Originally developed and used by tech entrepreneurs to improve lead generation ROI & cut frustrations with ineffective sales methodologies. 


Experience the difference of a semi-automated, scientific, psychological, & data-backed approach to LinkedIn Lead Generation.

Join the growing list of tech entrepreneurs, VP sales, digital marketers & growth hackers expanding their access to high quality leads and capital.
Solutions for Tech Entrepreneurs

You're an overachiever and industry expert. Your hard work, dedication and expertise have led to the creation of a product/service that will CHANGE THE MARKET. Leadgeni will make this a reality. Your time is better spent looking at the big picture, not mining for sales or micromanaging a sales department. With Leadgeni you get growth. You receive high quality leads. You'll get the attention you deserve, the capital you need and the ROI to make business boom. 
Solutions for VP Sales

VP Sales are tasked with the leading & direction of sales departments. The current revolving door of SDRs often makes this difficult. That does not impress those in power or their colleagues. What does impress are results. And that is what VP Sales get with Leadgeni. Implementing this automated solution to high quality lead generation allows VP Sales to focus their attention on the most promising of leads. Their sales staff will also perform better as they become more inspired by the deals they close and the vision they embrace. Rewards are on the horizon.
Solutions for Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers & Growth Hackers need to have a steady pipeline of high quality leads to stay relevant. To build their industry reputation and expertise requires consistent outreach. But as the market becomes saturated it is difficult to stand out and attract high-profile clients. What's worse is that the clients you do attract are not impressed by lead generation efforts implemented on their behalf. This changes with Leadgeni. With Leadgeni B2B Marketers & Growth Hackers are able to identify lucrative leads for themselves and their clients. More than that they are able to cement themselves as industry experts & thought leaders. 
7-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Michael's Story
Gunther's Story
LinkedIn is THE PREMIERE WAY to establish HIGH QUALITY LEADS in any business field. Capital generation, Sales, Staffing & More!
Join The Rush
LinkedIn is an untapped mine for business. It is a global digital business card with direct access to decision makers. Definitely an untapped goldmine with over 500 million users, 250 million of which are active monthly.
InMail vs. Email
Traditional Email and InMail outreach is redundant. It is ineffective and boring. Prospects do not engage as they used to. That's where Leadgeni changes the game. With LinkedIn access surging our personalized methodology increases outreach conversion rates across the board. That means more meaningful, respected and driven relationships with target audiences. Your messages will convert 50% better than classic email messages.
Brand & Reputation
It's time to become an influencer. You deserve no less. Build a reputation and take advantage of your industry expertise. LinkedIn is for business professionals and those seeking access to professional networks. Build your own long-term network and reputation together with Leadgeni.
LinkedIn Lead Generation and Outreach based on a scientific approach and proven methodology
1. Identify
Automate high quality lead list creation
Our methodology is highly personalized. An individual, optimized lead generation search is crafted for you with the help of more than 20 different search filters. This automated process filters through Job Title, Function, Company Headcount, Company Type, Keywords, Geography, Industry, Seniority & more. All engineered to deliver you high quality leads in record-setting time.
2. Connect
Establish meaningful, direct connections
Leadgeni makes connections that matter. It does so by utilizing a blend of psychology, scientific studies and personalized messaging. InMail is NOT the right approach and is a waste of money. Your potential leads will see you as spam and delete most correspondence, wasting your money. Leadgeni optimizes ROI by removing the distance between you and your leads. They'll desire connection!
3. Pitch
Personalized, Spam-Resistant Soft Pitch
The pitches we develop are effective and actionable. Since leads have already chosen to connect with you they are primed to receive further messages. They do so with increased purchase potential, too. Leadgeni creates custom, personalized soft pitches that play to the emotional and psychological pulls of those you connect with, furthering their trust and confidence in your deliverables.
4. Close
Book Demos & Increase Sales
The final step in our process is about action. Leadgeni inspires & drives leads into demos, calls & meetings with you and your sales team. With Leadgeni as an automated, 24/7 SDR you are able to focus sales resources on the closing of deals, not the constant mining of them. Combine that with CRM & calendar integration and Leadgeni is the SDR you've always deserved.

Sales Employees were distracted with outreach and pipeline management. No predictability nor proper pipeline forecasting was possible and the use of time of their best sales employees was not very effective. 
Sales Employees booked 225% more demos in one month after implementing Leadgeni's solutions. By having a dedicated & automated SDR to mine for high quality leads, the sales staff at I2X were able to focus on closing strategies rather than tireless outreach.
Berlin-based AI Startup 
Helps sales and customer support agents excel at their job with automatic, real-time coaching.
Heridus is a blockchain startup that actively changing the industry and market. Their vision is one of sustained growth and industry disruption. They always had the expertise, thought and product to reach great heights. But they were having trouble raising funds Pre-ICO.
Leadgeni brought about the growth and capital access Heridus deserved. Using Leadgeni's automated LinkedIn lead generation methodology allowed Heridus to connect with those who matter. They could focus time and energy on the bigger picture. The result? 

A GLOBAL outreach & fundraiser that raised more than USD $5 Million Pre-ICO.
Blockchain Startup 
Decentralized financial platform dedicated to growth of independent crypto applications
No online presence. Local network access only. Having trouble building brand name and industry reputation.
Built and gained access to a GLOBAL network of 30,000+ crypto & blockchain experts. IN JUST 6 MONTHS. New network and connections led to solidification of Catena Capital as an industry leader. User engagement, demand for guest speeches, and inbound queries ALL INCREASED.

12 MONTHS with Leadgeni resulted in 30,000+ meaningful LinkedIn connections
Blockchain Incubator
Germany's FIRST and LEADING blockchain incubator. Invests in those improving blockchain technology and user space.
Having difficulty finding quality employees. Specialized field of high quality real estate demands unique skill set and work experience.
Quality Real Estate Service Provider
Service for buying & selling high quality real estate
Stephan Schmidbauer
Co-Founder, Growth Hacker & Human Psychology Entrepreneur

Stephan is the Co-Founder and one of the lead minds behind Leadgeni. He uses his skills to blend the worlds of business, human psychology and artificial intelligence.

Prior to Leadgeni, Stephan worked as COO along with serial entrepreneur Michael Brehm’s health care venture Payers Insights building a social network for Healthcare Executives.

His Sales expertise was enriched by positions at Daimler in China and ETF Securities in London. He holds degrees from both UAS Regensburg & Oxford Brookes and deepened his technical acumen and growth-hacking skills by completion of the world’s #1 Coding Bootcamp Le Wagon. He was announced as 1 of only 100 Kairos fellows in 2019. Kairos is the most renowned network of young tech entrepreneurs around the globe.
What's Included?
  •  Pitch Copywriting: Not everything is automated with Leadgeni. We recognize the importance of personal communications and thus employ premiere, in-house copywriters who know how to attract, engage & inspire.
  •  Funnel Building / Target List Building: Our scientific formula is personalized for your business needs. We then plug the data in to provide you with a high quality lead list designed to increase action and improve ROI.
  •  LinkedIn Outbound Connection Prospecting: Once connections and lists are established we reach out to those high-profile and impact connections on your list, determined by your business goals. 
  •  LinkedIn Outbound Follow-Up Demand Identification: Each connection made on LinkedIn is nurtured through a personal process built around trust, confidence and authority.
  •  LinkedIn Outbound Follow-Up Demo Proposals: Leadgeni actively encourages demo participation by LinkedIn connections. Even better we make them happen.
  •  Managed Service (End-to-End)
  •  CRM & Calendar Integration
  •  Paid Consulting On-Demand
  •  Actionable Leadgeni Templates
Why Leadgeni?
Frustrations in business often boil down to poor sales performance. This stems from multiple issues. One of the biggest one is an ineffective lead generation and sales team. Leadgeni is an automated, 24/7 SDR that improves lead generation ROI.
What does Leadgeni promise? 
Leadgeni boldly promises a 20-30% Connection Conversion Rate on LinkedIn per monthly subscription, with 25-50 demos secured, 25-50 mid-term pipeline leads & 25-50 long-term pipeline leads. THAT IS EVERY MONTH. To back up our promise we extend a 14-day Money Back Guarantee. 
Why trust Leadgeni? 
Leadgeni was developed by serial & tech entrepreneurs with proven track records and implemented by them too. Additionally, a growing number of tech startups, blockchain incubators & others looking to improve lead generation ROI have seen significant returns with Leadgeni.
What can you expect with Leadgeni? 
A DEDICATED SDR backed by AI, automation and data provides you with the sales asset you've always deserved. You'll be able to more effectively engage your sales staff by having them CLOSE DEALS rather than mine for potential. This will boost satisfaction, your mood, sales & overall quality of life. GET EXCITED because you're going to feel as though you've just discovered FIRE.
It's time to CRUSH YOUR COMPETITION with Leadgeni.
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