LEADGENI works because it needed to. Originally developed and used by tech entrepreneurs to improve lead generation ROI & cut frustrations with ineffective sales methodologies. 


Experience the difference of a semi-automated, scientific, psychological, & data-backed approach to LinkedIn Lead Generation.

Invited:  8.367
Connected: 2.222 = 26,55%
Responded: 570 = 25,65%
Spreading a new Business Idea
i2x - Berlin-based AI Startup - Helps sales and customer support agents
excel at their job with automatic, real-time coaching.
BEFORE LEADGENI: Sales Employees were distracted with outreach and pipeline management. Predictability and proper pipeline forecasting were not possible and the use of time of their best sales employees was not very effective. 
AFTER LEADGENI: Sales Employees booked 225% more demos in the first month after implementing Leadgeni's solutions. By having a dedicated & automated SDR to mine for high quality leads, the sales staff at I2X were able to focus on closing strategies rather than tireless outreach.
Invited:  34.419
Connected: 9.564 = 27,78%
Responded: 2.980 = 31,15%
Making the Difference in a Competitive Market
D. Brandes - Head of Enterprise Sales at Netigate DACH - Insights Platform
& Survey Solution
"Netigate is the best example of how the psychological messaging makes the difference. Netigate offers a software solution to conduct online surveys with either customers or employees. This is a very competitive market with many different players. managed to raise interest for Netigate and to advertise the USPs and distinctive features, despite the briefness that LinkedIn as a channel requires."
Invited:  23.462
Connected: 5.189 = 22,11%
Responded: 1.681 = 32,39%
Educating your Target Audience
Holger Bräunlich - Head of BizDev at Valamis - Corporate Education - Forerunner in the digital Transformation of Learning
“Valamis offers a consumer-grade learning platform designed to provide personalized learning experience to employees, making learning measurable and find out how it affects your business. Since the technology is very unique and futuristic, we were struggling with how to create a good content strategy for LinkedIn. helped to craft a short and specific pitch for Valamis through its psychological storytelling tactics. The pitch was translated to multiple languages and supported our teams in Germany, US, Scandinavia, Benelux, and UK. We just extended our contract to support the international roll-out.
Invited:  11.265
Connected: 3.134 = 27,82%
Responded: 1.429 = 45,59%
Advanced A/B Testing to find the Right Audience
Nikolai Skatchov - CEO at Circula - Solution to manage Travel Expenses
“Since expense management can be hung up in many different departments, our biggest challenge is to find the right person within a company. helped us to solve this issue. Through their lead identification process, it was easy to find thousands of leads for our different target groups (CFOs, CEOs, HR, Office Management, Assistants). Through their comprehensive database, we got template suggestions for every individual target group so that we could apply comprehensive A/B testing and crack the DaVinci Code for our target groups in less than 6 weeks. Leadgeni also embedded a nice referral strategy into the messages so that we win many times even if the initial lead contacted is not the decision maker.”
Invited:  46.910
Connected: 26.739 = 57,01%
Responded: 10.283 = 38,46%
Global Branding Initiative
Catena Capital - Germany's FIRST and LEADING blockchain incubator. Invests in those improving blockchain technology and user space.
BEFORE LEADGENI: No online presence. Local network access only. Having trouble building brand name and industry reputation. 
AFTER LEADGENI: Built and gained access to a GLOBAL network of 30,000+ crypto & blockchain experts. IN JUST 6 MONTHS. New network and connections led to solidification of Catena Capital as an industry leader. User engagement, demand for guest speeches, and inbound queries all increased.
12 MONTHS with Leadgeni resulted in 30,000+ meaningful LinkedIn connections
Invited:  1.348
Connected: 544 = 40,35%
Responded: 317 = 58,27%
Hiring in a Niche Industry
First Living - A Service Provider  for buying & selling high quality real estate
BEFORE LEADGENI: Having difficulty finding quality employees. Specialized field of high quality real estate demands unique skill set and work experience. 
Invited:  2.217
Connected: 944 = 42,59%
Responded: 451 = 47,83%
Fundraising via ICO
Herdius - Blockchain Startup - Decentralized financial platform
dedicated to growth of independent crypto applications.
BEFORE LEADGENI: Herdius is a blockchain startup that is actively changing the industry and market. Their vision is one of sustained growth and industry disruption. They always had the expertise, thought, and product to reach great heights, but they were having trouble raising funds Pre-ICO
AFTER LEADGENI: Leadgeni brought about the growth and capital access Herdius deserved. Using Leadgeni's automated LinkedIn lead generation methodology allowed Herdius to connect with those who matter. They could focus time and energy on the bigger picture. The result? A GLOBAL outreach & fundraiser that raised more than USD $5 Million Pre-ICO.
Invited:  3.620
Connected: 1.871 = 51,68%
Responded: 960 = 51,30%
Recruiting Tech Positions
fleetster - Software for Fleet Management, Car Sharing and Rental
"As a SME, it is tough in a city like Munich (where entry salaries are extraordinarily high as a result of dominant corporate players) to find young talent with the right mindset and to convince them to join your company. Same counts for Senior Executives. LeadGENI helped us to achieve both. We managed to fill our interview pipeline for 5 positions in under two months. We hired a Junior Sales Manager and a Team Lead for Quality Assurance. Besides, plenty of interviews for Customer Success Support, a working student in Software Testing and for a Technical Support Manager are still running. In total, built us a funnel of 1,871 candidates and made 960 respond, an extraordinary rate of 51%. I am optimistic that the Fleetster team will continue to grow through LeadGENI candidates."
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